Selected papers from the PNG meetings have been published as Special Issues in Macromolecular Symposia for the past few years. The latest of those publications are shown below:


Title: Polymer Gels: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications

Editor: Ferenc Horkay and Eva Malmström Jonsson

PNG Meeting: Stockholm,

Sweden, 2016,

Published: April 2017, vol. 372, 153 pages.


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Title: Networks and Biopolymer Assemblies

Editor: Ferenc Horkay and Mitsuhiro Shibayama

PNG Meeting: Tokyo,

Japan, 2014

Published: December 2015, vol. 358, 238 pages.


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Title: Polymer Gels: Formation, Structure, Properties and Applications

Editor: Christopher N. Bowman and Ferenc Horkay

PNG Meeting: Jackson Hole, Wyoming,

USA, 2012

Published: July 2013, vol. 329, 201 pages.


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Title: Polymer Networks
Editor: Wilhelm Oppermann, Diethelm Johannsmann, Arne Langhoff and Gert Heinrich
PNG Meeting: Goslar, Germany, 2010
Published: September 2011, vol. 306-307, 165 pages.


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Costas Patrickios

Title: Polymer Networks: Synthesis, Properties, Theory and Applications
Editor: Costas S. Patrickios
PNG Meeting: Larnaca, Cyprus, 2008
Published: May 2010, vol. 291-292, 370 pages.


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John Stanford

Title: Functional and Biological Gels and Networks: Theory and Experiment
Editor: John Stanford
PNG Meeting: Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2006
Published: September 2007, vol. 256, 194 pages.


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Title: Biological and Synthetic Networks and Gels
Editors: Ferenc Horkay and Eric J. Amis
PNG Meeting: Bethesda, Maryland, USA, 2004
Published: July 2005, vol. 227, 382 pages.


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Title: Functional Networks and Gels
Editor: Erik Geissler
PNG Meeting: Grenoble, France, 2002
Published: October 2003, vol. 200, 296 pages.


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Title: Polymer Networks
Editor: Henryk Galina
PNG Meeting: Kraków, Poland, 2000
Published: June 2001, vol. 171, 264 pages.


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Title: Synthetic versus Biological Networks
Editors: B. T. Stokke and A. Elgsaeter
PNG Meeting: Trondheim, Norway, 1998
Published: 1999, vol. 2.
Title: Chemical and Physical Networks: Formation and Control of Properties
Editors: K. te Nijenhuis and W. J. Mijs
PNG Meeting: Doorn, The Netherlands, 1996
Published: 1997, vol. 1.